Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon to release Kindle Fire & Kindle Touch come November

Kindle Fire

"I hate technology," I muttered on summer afternoon. I was sitting in the Edinburg Roadrunners administration office, attempting to figure out what broke the front desk computer. In front of me, my netbook was open. Several tabs were open on Google Chrome, each of them with their reason. I stopped dead when I read the press release stating Amazon was releasing their own tablet.

"No, you don't," Alex said from her office. 

"Well, yeah. I don't. But it does piss me off when I dish out money for something when something better is due to release."

For quite a long time, I was against the idea of owning an e-reader of any kind. Then one day, I feel in love with the Amazon Kindle. It was a gradual think, I'm sure. I didn't just wake up one morning and said, "I love you, Kindle. I must have you. Now!"

The new Amazon Kindle & the Kindle Touch
I purchased my Kindle in January and used it for most of my reading list. Now as the dawn of the Kindle Fire - the Amazon answer to the atrociously expensive iPad - my e-reader world has been turned on its side. Not only has Amazon given Apple a run for their money - or more accurately, a run for our money - but they have also have avid readers - because bibliophiles and book hunters don't much care for e-readers - anticipating the next generation of the Kindle. Barnes & Noble Nook, beware! Amazon is out to get you, as well. 

The Kindle Fire features include apps, games, movies, reading, and TV shows, amongst other things, costing only $199. While the new generation of  Kindle runs around $79 w/special offers and $109 w/o special offers. It's faster than the Kindle Keyboard - what we're apparently calling the last generations - it's also faster, lighter, and smaller - pocket-size! Built in WiFi for quick e-book purchasing and library borrowing - that's right! If your local libraries have e-book rentals, Amazon Kindle can now be a part of it. Meanwhile, the Kindle Touch comes in WiFi ($99 w/special offers, $139 w/o) and 3G ($149 w/special offers, $189 w/o) models. The Kindle Touch has similar features as the new Kindle, with the obvious addition of a touch screen.

I'll be lying if I said I didn't want to get my hands on a Kindle Fire. With my luck, however, Amazon will come up with something new and improve - perhaps a Kindle Fire that can also clean my house.

The new Kindle is out now, while the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch will be released on November 15 and November 21, respectively. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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