Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Walking Dead

AMC premiered its series adaptation of the graphic novel The Walking Dead. While I've never been read a single volume of the graphic novel series, I am a fan of most things zombies (I can live without the remake of Day of the Dead). I suppose, in a way, it's best that I've distance myself from the graphic novels. In many ways, prior knowledge might been damaging to my enjoyment of the television series. For example, I might have been more of a fan toward Rizzoli and Isles had I not picked up The Apprentice (or The Surgeon, for that matter) before viewing the television series. Or, I might have disliked Dexter had I picked up the first novel - which I've read is poorly constructed. 

The Walking Dead seems promising, but I'm unsure how it'll stay fresh beyond season one. AMC has a recent history of popping out great TV shows like Mad Men, Rubicon and Breaking Bad. None of these, however, have been able to keep my attention. Well, except for Mad Men but I never gave it a chance. Here's hoping for something good. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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