Thursday, January 20, 2011

You should check out Camel Back Displays

You'd think, as a reader, I'd only go to events where crowd control isn't a big deal. That's not exactly true. Several events I've worked or attended have been one big headache to the next. Even book lovers know that when an author is signing books, it's a one shot deal to get your copy signed. So you start to get finicky and you start to get a tad is organized. At the stadium I work every summer, every year during free t-shirt or bat day, the crowd goes crazy. And since it's one per costumer, several people try to weasel their way in to get double. 

So having stanchions on hand is something to think about. The baseball stadium - heck, even the book signings - could sure use them during the busy days. They would also keep people from shoving each other, cutting in line and getting so disorganized that they can sneak back into line and claim another free item. Not only that, but workers and featured writers (as in the case of book signings) don't have to fear for their lives. 

Barricades, on the other hand, are useful if you need to divide parking lots, or close off entrances completely. And I'm not talking about the cheap, plastic ones either. I'm talking about fence barricades that are sturdy enough to hold their own. One of the biggest problems that we have at the stadium was the parking situation. So many patrons would drive over fallen plastic barricades, or toss them aside in order to not pay the parking toll. Something heavier would of much more use. 

It's just an idea to throw around. Places that maintain order ensures good times for everyone involved.

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