Friday, January 28, 2011

The Steam Team of Austin

As the first month of the new year comes to a close - can we even call it a new year anymore? - I'm looking toward the future. Meaning, I'm looking toward the middle of the year when baseball season picks up again and I find myself working at the stadium. What irks me more is that I might be on my own again. And it's not the burden of doing the laundry - a monkey could do the laundry - it's the grueling work of keeping the carpet and tiles clean all summer long. So I decided to ease my fears by looking up some carpet and tile cleaning tips when I stumbled across the Steam Team, a company from Austin, Texas. These guys would be great if they operated in deep South Texas, and it was in the budget to hire them.

While the Steam Team does provide services and bathroom tile cleaning tips, Austin is just too far away - okay, not that far away. I've figured out a way to keep the tiles sparking after every homestand - four days - but sometimes we have double homestands - eight days - or triple - twelve days!!! - and the evil four consecutive homestands which leaves me longing for the beach afterward. And if there's one thing I hate doing, it's waiting four days to clean a bathroom after several men finish wrecking the place.

And the tiles alone aren't the problem. Let's not forget to mention carpet. Last year, on the Fourth of July, the guys thought it would be a laugh riot to have a mini celebration inside the clubhouse. This included lightning firecrackers indoors - which is never a good idea no matter where you are - leaving burned carpet spots. The Steam Team takes care of that as burned carpet repair (Austin) is part of their repertoire.

The more I' look at this website, the more I wish The Steam Team was also located in deep South Texas, where I'm at. Because if it was in the budget, I'd so get these guys to come over to the stadium and clean up the heavy messes left behind by several minor league players and their field managers. I also noticed that they specialize in carpet and furniture cleaning (Austin), which reminds me that the fans are just as messy as the players. There definitely has to be a market for this in the Valley.

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