Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend of Television

After that goddawful premiere of the goddawful US version of Skins, E4 returns with its original series now in its fifth year. What a refreshing cool drink of water, I might say. Worried that I have to reacquaint myself with the show as it ushered in the third generation - not to mention that horrible mistake to (spoiler alert) kill Freddie off in the last series - I was surprised to see a delightful cast of colorful people, whose relationship with each other is still unknown. 

Hank Moody also returned to us earlier this month, joined by the new Showtime series, Episodes - which seems to satire the sudden boom of UK to US remakes. Starring Matt LaBlanc of Friends fame, the show follows two British writers who are offered a deal of a lifetime by creating a remake of their television show in the States. Things go terribly wrong when the lust-for-life, LA style bastardizes their vision. The show is both comical and smart, though with the ratings lagging and only seven episodes, I don't think the show will stand the test of time. 

As for Hank Moody, Californication returned for its fourth season. Picking up right after the events of season three, Hank Moody finds himself split from his family. The season, so far, is the funniest of them and filled with raw emotion. I cannot wait for the twist/cliffhanger presented at the end. 

Along with all these, I also started to rewatch Skins, starting with series one and will work my way through two, three and four later on. I also watched Saw and Saw 3D, which I'll write about later. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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