Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Law & Order Is The Best Hour Of The Day

Authored by Oswaldo Blackburn

Being the avid lover of crime shows, Law and Order has always been one of my absolute favorites. It doesn't matter if it is SVU or Criminal Intent, I love them all the same! Now that Law & Order is broadcast in HD, I could not be happier! The show airs nightly in my city, so each day at 8:00 p.m. I curl up on my soft and cozy couch, grab the remote and a drink, and turn Law & Order on myexpertsatellite tv. It is the best hour of the entire evening!

Watching the show in HD makes it so much better. I don't know, makes it even feel more real to me. I am not sure if anyone else feels that way about HD or not, but I have wondered where HD has been all my life! I could never again go back to regular television, at least not with my Law & order that is! The picture is so crystal clear it can be described as nothing but simply amazing! So glad to have HD television in my home with my favorite show coming to me!

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