Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Collins delivers the absolute ending for a trilogy

Picking up where shortly after Catching Fire left off, Mockingjay opens with Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, whom the citizens of Panem fell in love with at the seventy-fourth Hunger Games, standing in the charred remains of District 12. Confusion is still looming over her as the realization of all she was raised to believe were lies. But mostly because while she was rescued from the last arena, Peeta wasn't. His fates lies in the hands of the Capitol and the loathsome snake president, Snow.  

The survivors of District 12 have become refugees of thought-to-be-destroyed District 13, whose citizens have resided underground for the last seventy-five years. Armed with their greatest weapon, Katniss Everdeen - the Mockingjay - who stood up and defied the Capitol twice, in two different arenas, the rebels are ready to take on the Capitol one district at a time. 

But what looms over Katniss's thoughts is - who is the enemy in all this?

After reading the last book, I was on edge that Suzanne Collins wouldn't be able to capture my attention like she did with The Hunger Games. And after Aaron Guerra's constant reminder that this book would piss me off, I wasn't looking forward to reading it. But I did. The moment I put down Catching Fire and picked up this book, I was sucked back into the world that Collins first introduced. While the elements of "who will Katniss pick" still lingered, foul smelling like Snow's roses, the book was motivated with plot and action, leaving you turning the page at the edge of your seat. 

While I can understand why several readers found this book disappointing, the turn of events (no spoilers here) were a necessary evil. And if you're a true reader, you would've seen it a mile away. The book was thought provoking, as well as, heart wrenching. Collins' gift doesn't leave her side as each word carries you through the world of chaos and confusion. 

My only anticipation now is the adaptation that is coming soon of the first book. If done right, we'll have something that blow both Harry Potter and Twilight out of the water. But then, again, it's Lion's Gate that's releasing the film(s). 

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