Saturday, September 25, 2010

Batman - My Favorite Superhero

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

Call me a sucker for the classics, but there is no superhero in the pantheon of comics, cartoons, movies and anime that can compete with the awe inspiring cool of the Batman. While some believe his appeal is rooted in the fact that he is an ordinary human, I believe it is his ability to not let cultural stereotypes and definitions of manliness effect his persona.

The Batman, after all, is a hard-boiled detective, a man who oozes the bad boy cool of film noir. Still, he doesn't let this image affect his dress. He is not afraid of what people think. While other detectives prefer the long trenchcoats and low-brimmed fedoras, the Batman wears a pointy cape and cowl. The Batman is so indifferent to the so-called style of manliness that he wears his underwear outside of his tights. I can only assume this is what makes the Batman feel most comfortable, and it totally works. I also envy the Batman's do it yourself attitude. While he is wealthy enough to buy a militia to mete out justice, he instead invests solely in superhero gadgets and giant pennies to decorate the batcave. Truly this is a man who is serious about fashion and decorum, and precisely why he is my favorite superhero.

It's hard finding good old Batman episodes these days unless you have direct tv. Only then you can get channels like Boomerang, a network for classic cartoons and classic superheroes.

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