Friday, September 24, 2010

A Book Hunter's Journal Opens the Book Hunter's Playground

And then I did something silly like go and make an bookstore using the Amazon Affiliate Program. Why? you ask. Well, why not? It's not like it's costing me anything if no one buys from or visits it and, if someone should buy from it, then kudos for me. 

This blog is riddled with potential bucks if I could draw in the readers. But book blogs are a dime a dozen. And let's face it, I'm not reviewing top notch novels like Twilight or books by whoever happens to be the It-Author (sorta like the an it-girl, only with classier drugs and alcohol, less time on E! and better shenanigans). I've learned that using Blogvertise is successful more times than not. (Advertisers should check this out.) But a book hunter must dream, right? 

Anyway, while you're here, you should check out The Book Hunter's Playground which isn't only about books, I should add. I've also listed Movies and Music, even opened a Pure Lust Entraps Substore

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  1. Are we talking about a "paperback" hunter's journal? if so those will soon be thing from the past. There is a much better way to go...

    have you heard of the hunter's ijournal? Very, very nice mobile application.

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    give it a look, I think you'll be impressed.

    thanks for the post.