Friday, May 20, 2011

Reading & Work

After the lackluster that was Dexter in the Dark, I'm trudging onward through the pages (though not really, as there aren't any physical pages) of the fourth book, Dexter by Design. Half way through the novel, I'm still waiting for Jeff Lindsay to take another stab at the series to veer readers away from ever touching these books again.

Oh well, in other news, spring training for the Edinburg Roadrunners - a local baseball team belonging to the North American League (independent) - has kicked off. This year, however, our home stadium is also housing a rival team, the McAllen Thunder (formerly Coastal Bend Thunder). My schedule is erratic as both teams have to share the field for spring training. As usual, I'm working double duty this season as well - first and foremost as the main clubhouse manager - i.e. babysitter - and as head of clean up - i.e. babysitter. I joke a lot about the jobs, but I love this line of work. Especially because it keeps me busy. Not to mention, it also keeps me reading.

Because clubhouse managers only work before and after the game - we do things during the game, as well, but it's not enough to encompass the entire three to four hours - we tend to have a lot of free time on our hands. Last year, I spent that time taking naps because I practically lived on the stadium. This year, as I'm now head of the clean up crew - which doesn't really involve me doing much work other than making sure these guys don't break things - I'm gonna be doing less work at night. In fact, the manager already told me he doesn't want me doing the late night stuff like I used to. Which translates to, I'm gonna have to figure some shit out.

On a given day, I plan to get to work by at least 6:30am. Wash the rest of the stuff that I have to wash - and the visiting team's stuff - clock everyone in by 8am for the cleaning crew, return to the clubhouses to finish my work and then call it a day when everyone is finished doing whatever it is they're doing. Afterward, I'll make myself a bed in the training room and sleep. If sleep won't come to me - and believe me when I say this, it won't - I'll spend most of my time with my nose in a book or shoved against my Kindle, because that phrase doesn't really work with the electronic book age.

So what does this mean to you, fellow readers? More posts? Maybe, but it's not likely. I am stuck at work, without Internet access. Le groan. 

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