Monday, May 16, 2011

Disappointing Dexter

I'm not even sure how to even begin this entry. What can I say? I've already noted how I've liked Dexter the television series over Dexter the novel series. It's probably because the Showtime series deviates significantly from the Jeff Lindsay novels greatly. For instance, lovable, foul-mouthed sister Debs doesn't know that her adopted brother Dexter holds a terrible secret passion. And Rita's kids - Cody and Astor - don't have homicidal tendencies. And after reading Dexter in the Dark, the show also deviates from bringing mythological entities into play.

Unlike Tess Gerritsen's placement of new age, mythological, JudeoChristian legends in her novel, The Mephisto Club - which were only used a plot device, and not as an actuality - Lindsay uses the Moloch myth as an actuality. He also turns Dexter's Dark Passenger from psychological entity - the reasoning behind Dexter's need to slice and dice - into a "bastard child" of Moloch's. 

There were times when the story was great, but other times it left me wanting to toss the book aside and never bothering with the novels ever again. I mean, what's the point? If the writer is going to throw something like this out of the blue, why should the readers take it seriously? It's a rule, isn't it? You can't introduce something fantasy in a world that was created in actuality? I don't know. 

Also, what's with the return of Doakes? I understand - unlike season two - he didn't die in the second book, but his presence really necessary? Returning half the man he used to be serves no actual purpose. I understand the intent was to compare Dexter's old nemesis with his new one - the cult did want to end Dexter - but it failed to do that. 

If only there were some realistic explanation of the events in the novel, I may have liked it better - like a guy who thought he was Moloch and drug poisoning to explain the concert in Dexter's head. Still, the book might be something to take a gander at. If you're bored. And if there's a sale. Or you buy it cheap. Or check it out in the library. Or borrow it from a  friend. Or, you know, not at all.

Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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