Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The other day, I got a rejection notice. One of my advertisers decided the blog wasn't appropriate anymore for their precious products. Something that was completely unrelated to topic of this blog. I'm not bitter, but I am a tad annoyed. Not everyone was going to be on board when I jumped ships and started reviewing more erotic pieces. And that's just the thing. The reason I was rejected was because I'd suddenly become a porn blog. A porn blog? Really? Reviewing three short erotic pieces suddenly makes this a porn blog? Even though there isn't a trace of porn on this blog? There's no naked women. No erect penises. There's nothing on this blog that would remotely be considered porn.

I'll admit this isn't the most G-rated blogs in the world. The most I've ever elevated to was PG-13. I can't fathom how insanely stupid it was to label this a porn blog. But I have culprit - my review for "On Finding Jon's Porn" may have sparked the powder keg. Of course, my use of the word pornography in my review for "Good Doggy" fed the flames. And I'm sure "Home Visits" excessive use of the word bottom did me in, as well.

It's the sort of thing that wants me to revisit the Pure Lust Entraps blog, which has been dead for quite a while, with the exception of the occasional advertisement post. Oh well, until next time, keep on huntin'.

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