Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tunes You Need to Listen To

Anomie (Deluxe)
Industrial music fans can sleep safe tonight, their savior has risen after a 15 year - though not really - hiatus. Tim Skold - who has worked musical acts such as Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM and Marilyn Manson - has returned with his second solo album, the first since the 1996 self-titled LP, Anomie. And he does not disappoint.

After the release of the first single, Suck, in April, I've been on edge waiting for the album's release. It dropped Tuesday and I've been playing it since I got home from work. The sounds of raw guitars mixed with his - indescribable - voice leaves me shuddering with a musical orgasm - that's right, I said orgasm on a book blog, wanna fight about it? Then I just hit play again and I'm ready for more. 

Jyg asked me to figure out three songs that I favor the most from the album, but where do I start? As cliche as it sounds, I love them all. The moment "(This Is My) Elephant" blasts in my ear to last garbled fade out of "Deserve" (available in the Deluxe edition), I'm in the throes of his majesty. Of course, there are songs that stand out, that get me moving feeling. "Suck," of course, is one of them. Then there's "Tonight," which would be perfect for the goth club - even though I've never set foot inside it - with its lyrics like, "It's too late for suicide, we've been dead for quite a while" and "Dance with me, strip away the pain/You know the world is ending here tonight/So dance with me, strip away the pain/Don't you let me die alone tonight." 

Of course, my personal favorite is "What You See Is What You Get." With a melancholy tone and lyrics that hint at rage, it's just the perfect combination of the two and the perfect song to end an album on. That is, unless, you got the deluxe edition, which offers two extra songs - "Polka dot Dress" and "Deserve."

Anomie is the best album to start the summer and coupled with KMFDM's WTF?! and Ohgr's unDeveloped, it seems that 2011 is the year of industrial.

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