Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Doggy by Gemma Parkes

Good Doggy: Hot Dogging Action As a Young Lady Get Initiated Into the Dogging SceneI was a little skeptical. I believe I had every right to be skeptical. After posting my review of Alison Tyler's "On Finding Jon's Porn" on Good Reads - which then announces it on Twitter - I got a reply about Gemma Parke's short story, "Good Doggy." Being the good book hunter that I am, I quickly went over to Amazon to check things out. I then went to Good Reads to see what others were saying about the story in question or anything else by Gemma Parkes. 

"Good Doggy" wasn't the story that caught my eye. That was reserved for "Home Visits." However, I was deterred from purchasing either story. The reason? Both stories had five-star ratings, which were give by Gemma Parkes. There's nothing wrong with self-promotion, so I don't hold it against the author to advertise on Twitter by replying to anything I post. In fact, I encourage new or unknown writers to do so. However, I draw the line at self-rating. So I almost went without purchasing any story by Gemma Parkes. But then, curiosity - as it is my mortal enemy - overwhelmed me and I purchased "Good Doggy."

I've never heard of the term dogging before tonight. It's essentially having sex in a car parked in a public place with other people watching or even joining in. Okay, you've piqued my interest. 

The story follows a woman's introduction to the dogging scene. The story isn't any special, but I'm not stating it's not worth a gander - it most certainly is. I'm not going to jump the shark and state that Gemma Parkes should just quit while she's ahead. Maybe this story wasn't for me. Maybe, I should've just gone ahead and purchased "Home Visits" instead. Either way, I'm not going to quit on her now. 

My problems with the story - first let me go over the superficial things - starts with the format. I don't know who to blame this on - I mean, Alison Tyler's "On Finding Jon's Porn" also had some format faults that bugged me. Spacing before paragraphs that come and go begins to make me tick. The pace was also a tad too quick. Sex is supposed to be sensual, therefore, erotica should follow suit. If you're lover doesn't tease you with foreplay and rushes to the point, you feel unsatisfied and unworthy of their patience. The same goes for the erotic writer. I don't want "less poetry." I don't want the writer to just "be specific." I'm also not looking for the next Anaïs Nin. If I wanted cheap thrills, I'd just watch pornography.

Gemma Parkes has potential. And I wish her luck on this journey. "Good Doggy" is available for Kindle for only $1.00. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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