Monday, May 9, 2011

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I don't know why I set goals for myself. Last year, I decided to partake in the 100+ Reading Challenge; I only managed 50 books. So you know what I did this year? I decided to not partake in the 100+ challenge, but set a goal on Goodreads to read 50 books. Watching my list grow slowly only convinces me that when I set goals, I do everything in my power to not achieve them - which explains my lack of book enthusiasm. Currently (as of this posting), I'm at 15 books, and that's because one is an essay and five are short stories.

My 16th book of the year is Jeff Lindsay's Dexter in the Dark, the third book in the Dexter Morgan series. I attempted reading it after finishing Dearly Devoted Dexter, but my mind needed a rest from America's favorite serial killer. So far the read's going good. 

In other book hunter news - shouldn't I call it Observant Reader news, considering that's my "handle" on the blog? - I was offered a chance to review Grundish and Askew by Lance Carbuncle, which is now available as an e-book. Let's see if this one pans out better than that offer from Quirk Publishing - remember how I was offered the chance to review that new Pride and Prejudice and Zombies novel, Dreadfully Ever After? That never panned out, so I'm not going to overexcite myself with this opportunity. 

Finally, Saturday was an adventure in book hunting. The downside was, I couldn't find the book that was supposed to be my gift to my mother - Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. My mother loved the film, so I decided it would be a great idea if I purchased the novel for her. No luck. It's all good, along with the red velvet cake, I made her lasagna and bought her a Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake.

Because I didn't find anything for my mother, didn't mean I didn't find anything that could be added to my library. Every good book hunter knows that it's not just book stores that act as our hunting ground. Because Dollar Tree's motto is "Everything is a dollar," one should scope them out. I found Richard Belzer's - better know as John Munch on Law & Order: SVU - I Am Not A Psychic and Fiber by Rick Bass. There were more books to look at, but an annoying group of idiots scared this hunter away. Oh well, there's always next time. And until then, keep on huntin'.

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