Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Were You Afraid of the Dark?

Thanks for the post, Lucius Gaines

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up as a kid there were shows you could count on to be on around this time of year. One of the shows that used to be on every night on satellite TV from was “Are you afraid of the dark?” This show is now only shown around Halloween but it still remains one of my all time favorite shows.

This show is a classic. The plot was different every night but it always started out and ended the same. A bunch of friends would meet in the woods around a campfire. Each night the kids (of all ages) would show up to the meeting, usually having some minor conflict. They would settle down and then took turns throwing glitter into the fire and telling their ghost story. Each night the story would wrap up and whatever conflict the group was having before the tail was resolved or forgotten as they rushed home.

I grew up watching this show and now my younger siblings can not wait for it to come on each year. As a kid, the stories would scare me to death, but now that I'm older I find myself waiting for it to get frightening. It's a great show and a small reminder of Halloweens past. I would recommend it to kids of all ages.

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