Wednesday, October 13, 2010

After-Work Book Hunt

I thought about snapping a picture of the copy of Stephen King's Duma Key that I purchased (bargain priced!) yesterday at Barnes & Noble after work, but I'm not in the mood. I thought I deserved a little something after my first day of work so I asked my co-work to drop me off at Barnes so I can do a little shopping. I'd seen Duma Key on the bargain table for a few weeks not, but I never thought of buying it until earlier this week. It seems my Stephen King guru, Eddie, finally convinced me without having to mention the book again. When I approached the table yesterday, I saw the book wasn't there anymore. Thank you holiday stocking! The book was, however, placed underneath the table along with several other novels. Currently I'm on the look out for a bargain priced copy of King's Under the Dome, because it looks like a challenge for 2011. Sadly, I don't think I'll find a copy until 2011. I might have to splurge on the softcover or purchase a hardback on Amazon, eBay, Half, or some other online bookstore.

Along with the novel, I picked up the November issue of The Writer which includes the article "25 Tips to sharpen your writing" by Ronald Kovach. Maybe I should read it, take notes and revamp this blog again to lure more readers in. Though, I have also thought that if I get a following - no matter how small - I could start having monthly giveaways, including copies of my favorite novels, gift baskets and other knick knacks. Maybe if I did that, I'd get a following. 

If you wanna know about my job, I suggest you check out Chapin City Blues. The two posts you should be eying are [Redacted] and It's not easy being green. Oh well, until next time...keep on huntin'.

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