Friday, October 22, 2010

It doesn't get better the second time around

My second reading of The Stand by Stephen King wasn't as smooth as the first. Not sure if it's because the book is sorta fresh in my head or because the complete & uncut edition is just slow moving.

The story didn't pop this time around. And it felt lagging with the additional material that was promised to help build characters. I didn't see the need for any of it, other than King feeling the need to show off his awesomeness - which isn't all that much if this is what he thinks its summed up to. I wanted to like this book because it was the first book I stomached by King and one of my favorite miniseries from my childhood - despite how cheesy it really was. 

This version doesn't add much to the story. If anything, it just adds filler and no one really cares for filler. In many instances, I felt I was reading On The Road - wanting to take a red pen and mark off what was unnecessary. I'll wait another few years to pick up the edition again, hopefully the story will improve with the less that I remember. Then again, it might have just been a fluke that I loved it so much the first time around. Oh well, here's hoping that Duma Key reads better. I hear it's promising. However, the same source told me to try out this edition of The Stand.

I'm on to the next book already, though. Tess Gerritsen's The Sinner. It feels like a winner already. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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