Friday, August 13, 2010

Re: Baseball & Books

A month ago, I posted a reading list of books dealing with baseball. That list still stands, by the way. This post really has nothing to do with baseball, but it does have to do with a baseball player and books; one, of which, deals with a rather dark sport. 

I got to work yesterday with A Gathering of Crows in hand. I take books with me because I get way more reading done at work than I ever do at home - go figure. As I was sucked into the page-turner, one of the players - mind you, I work at Edinburg Stadium which is the home of the Edinburg Roadrunners - noticed I was reading. Inquiry occurred and we spoke for a couple of minutes on the subject of books. 

I know there's that old stereotype that jocks don't read, but there's also one that involves nerds not liking sports. And for the last few weeks of this season, I've gotten really into the sport. I don't fancy I'll be watching any games on TV, but I will root for the home team. Well, Aaron Guerra - the name of the aforementioned player - is a baseball player and a semi-new reader. He confessed to me today he's only been reading since last December and has already read close to 65 books, 17 of which has been read just this summer. That puts to shame my 34 books in the failed attempt of 100+ book challenge.

I didn't peg Aaron to be a reader - mostly because of the stereotype. Until one night he entered the locker room with a book in hand. Steven, my assistant/co-worker, and I were setting up the envelopes for our club dues when it happened. I couldn't see what was in his hand, but I assumed - because I'd seen so many books in the visiting team locker room - whatever he was reading it had to deal with baseball. When he headed off back to the diamond, I decided to sneak a peak at what he was reading. Lo and behold, it was a copy of Orson Scott Card's Xenocide - the third book in the Ender's Game series.

So yesterday, when we spoke, he suggested I check out Ender's Game, which I confessed I've tried to read many times to no avail. He then suggested Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games, which I noted. It wasn't too hard to find at Barnes & Noble. Most importantly, it was only $8.99 for the softcover. Today he suggested I read Christopher Golden's Of Saints and Shadows, which'll be next on my list. The Twilight Saga was tossed around, but I have no plans on reading those. Nor do I plan on reading Harry Potter, which he also suggested.

So with that, fellow reader(s), I'll leave you with this. I'm planning on reading The Hunger Games just as soon as this entry posts. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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