Monday, August 16, 2010

The I-Wasn't-Supposed-to-Book-Hunt Book Hunt

So I wasn't supposed to buy anything; meaning, I wasn't supposed to buy anything other than a copy of Body Double by Tess Gerritsen. This led to me purchasing a copy of Vanish, as well. Books 'n' Things, as usual had a few books that I needed to add to my collection. Because I'm very bad with the whole not spending too much, I wound up buying four books from that store. Along with the first two mentioned, I also purchased a copy of Brian Keene's Ghoul and copy of The Silence of the Lambs - which completes my collection of the series and I can now read them in peace. I scanned the shelves for a copy of Ender's Game - because I seriously have a problem with buying books - but found nothing. Because I had more than I had anticipated, I decided to check out before I gathered more books. 

Afterward, I went to Georgia's Thrift Shop and paid a visit to Mike. He had a copy of Ender's Game for a buck. I scanned his shelves for a copy of The Stand - which I already own a copy of, but I've been pressured to read the uncut edition for a better story. Mike explained how his collection of Stephen King is being bought out quickly. All's well in book hunting. 

After that, I went over to The Book Stop. I wasn't looking for something for me this time around. Instead, I purchased a copy of Wicked for Jyg. I hope she'll like it.

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