Friday, August 13, 2010

It's called a murder

I don't think I'm going to grow tired of Brian Keene. In fact, because this is the third book featuring the character Levi Stoltzfus, I'm now on the hunt for the other two -Ghost Walk and Dark Hollow.

Now I've read a few things by Keene, including Dead Sea, Darkness on the Edge of Town and a zombie short story from The New Dead, still I can tell you that the man is a genius. On the back cover of A Gathering of Crows, his latest, The Horror Review calls him "the next Stephen King," which might be going too far because Keene hasn't disappointed me yet.

Starting off with five crows gathering of five crows right outside of the small town of Brinkley Springs, the book leads you down the winding path that invokes the Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos mixed in with the wit and wisdom of Brian Keene's writing. The five crows, who serve one of the Thirteen - which Keene also invokes in Darkness on the Edge of Town - by the name of Meeble. Keene also uses his knowledge of American history by using the unsolved mystery of Roanoke Colony, explaining the origins of the shape-shifting crows.

As usual, Keene offers up the horror that we all know and love, mixing it with the human nature - both light and darkness that cloud us - and adds in a little bit of religious tolerance. It's a page turner and a good book to have in your tote during these last week of dog days. Make good use of it. Go to the beach and read away. 

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