Saturday, August 21, 2010

Local TV Satellite

Ever since the government figured out a way for us to pay for TV, several of us said goodbye to our favorite TV channels. Time Warner promised to take care of us, but earlier this year, they did away with several networks, moving them instead to their digital package so they can charge us an arm and a leg.

So where do we turn to now? Local TV Satellite is a promising idea. Coupled with Direct TV, is offering several packages at a reasonable prices - including one that contains a NFL package.At what better time to invest in satellite TV than the opening of football season? 

Get this, though, isn't going to screw you over like most providers. And because it's Direct TV, you know you can expect the best quality of picture and service. And no matter what that fat, baseball cap wearing spokesman for cable says, this satellite company isn't looking to steal any channels away from you while you sleep just so they can take more of your hard worked money.

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