Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Walking Dead Vol. 2: Miles Behind Us

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Now you might be asking yourself, if you hate Robert Kirkman's writing so much, why are you still reading it? What else am I supposed to do? I obtained copies of The Walking Dead series, am I just suppose to look at them until I have to return them? That's silly. I suppose, I could return them early and check out something else. That would also be admitting defeat and I won't let Kirkman's inability to tell a story from enjoying zombies. Nay, I say. Nay.

Of course, I'm also a literary masochist. I tend to get invested in the things I read, especially if it's a series book. Case in point: even though I find hammering pins underneath my fingernails more entertaining, I do plan to one day continue the Marvel Zombies series. 

There was also the shed of hope that, as the story progressed, I'd open up to Kirkman. Or at least, he'd improved. With The Walking Dead Vol. 2: Miles Behind Us - which collects issues #7-12 - Kirkman gets wordier. It's like during the zombie holocaust, everyone's vying to say the most. How do I put this? You know when you're in a room with someone who just like the sound of his own voice and a lot of what he says serves no true purpose or carries any depth? Or perhaps, you're in a room with someone and the silence has stretched out so long - or in order to prevent the silence from stretching - that you just have to say something - anything - just to keep the awkwardness from building up? Yeah. That's every single one of Kirkman's characters.

Tony Moore - who was responsible for the art in the first six - dropped out of the project after issue six, continuing to create the cover art. His replacement, Charlie Adlard, is suitable, making the characters his own, rather than attempting to copy Moore's style. Sadly, not even Adlard's art could save volume 2 for me. My fear is to what depths volume 3 will take me. Oh well, until next time, keep on hunting.

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