Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Walking Dead: Safety Behind Bars

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So the tension finally begins to build. Still Robert Kirkman's ability to tell a story that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat is nearly lacking. No big deal - as long as Charlie Adlard continues with his wonderful artwork, we can ignore Kirkman's inability. 

The clan occupies a prison in this one - joining up with few survivors who were locked inside. It seems that the days of traveling across the post-apocalyptic country is behind them all. But inviting new people into your life leaves a gap in your security plan. It's a lesson Rick and the other will learn the hard way.

Blandness aside, the story gets a tad interesting when non-zombie murders begin. However, much to Kirkman's disadvantage, the fact that there are only so many people secured in the prison limits the number of victims the killer can take. The subplot is resolved within rather quickly. We're getting a peek at humanity - human nature? - during the apocalypse, which makes for better story telling. However, the writer obviously doesn't know what to do with all this psychology he's introducing. In the end, the third volume of The Walking Dead series falls short of a worthwhile read. I'm only hoping that the story deeps and the tension rises with the next set of volumes. Otherwise, how people enjoy this series so much will be forever lost on me.

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