Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Call Back and a Book

Norman Mailer for a dollar
Right in the midst of pondering what should go into my thank you letter - e-mail, actually, since we live in the digital age - about yesterday's interview, my phone rings. Lo and behold, it's the library with some semi good news. Joygasm, right? Yes. Sorta. I never allow myself to get overly excited until I have the job in the bag. There have been some instances with people I've known (not me, never me) who celebrated before an actual job was had. This was the usual paper work allowing the people to dig through my personal history. We're good. My life is bland to an extent - bland in the sense that it would never cost me a job.

After everything was signed and photocopied, I brisked away, stopping by the book sale table where I found a copy of Harlot's Ghost by Norman Mailer! For a dollar! What gives?! Is this a dream? First Edition, as well. Sweet. Paid my dollar and now I'm the proud owner of this not-so-little sucker. Hope it makes for a great read. Top of the list for 2012!

Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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