Sunday, July 10, 2011

So I finally watched X-Men: First Class...

...and I am reminded that Zoë Kravitz has a much talent acting as her father has singing - which, if you know me, means she has none at all. But this isn't about my hate for the Kravitz family and how they should've been placed in a bunker before the plagued the world with their mediocrity. This is about the semi- to full-on abomination that is X-Men: First Class.

I walked into this film with a dirty slate, so this might be my fault. It wasn't hinted that the film was a reboot of the franchise that contains three films and a prequel. All arrows, in fact, pointed that this film was just another prequel. However, the timeline is off greatly. If Stryker held a younger Emma Frost hostage in Wolverine, how is it she's an adult in this film - presuming that Professor Xavier aided in her rescue at the end of the film. And how is it that Sebastian Shaw is dead when he appears in X2? Let's not mention that Scott Summer's brother is featured in this movie without any hint of him being in the X-Men before - let's not even get to the fact that Alexander is younger than Scott.

When you consider these anomalies, you'd have to jump into the conclusion that the film is none other than a reboot of the franchise. It has to be. Only, it's not. It recycles the opening scene of X-Men as young Erik and his family are split up by the Nazis. It repeats Erik's attempt to open the gate with his mutant powers. Everything about the beginning of that film is repeated in the beginning of this film.'s not a reboot. It's a prequel. Well, apparently the writers of this film didn't bother watching the first four so that these inaccuracies wouldn't exist.

The film is painful to watch at times. The build up takes too long and when it finally arrives, it's over as quickly as a prom night rendezvous. Despite its best efforts, X-Men: First Class doesn't bring anything new to the table - it's just a film about things we already picked up watching the first three movies. And that's all I gotta say about that. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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