Monday, July 25, 2011

The Ring Hunter

As most of you don't know, this book hunter began hunting for a ring a few months ago (the real amount of time is much more than a few months, but yeah. Let's not go there). Sadly, I've turned up with nothing. Instead, I've seem  to acquired more books - mostly graphic novels.

Anyone want to recommend a store? Preferably one not found in a mall. 

While we're on the subject of jewelry, the other day I was shopping for shoes when I saw a display of watches. The prices were cut ridiculously low. I turned to Jyg and asked, "Who wears watches anymore?" And with that, I answered my follow up question of why they were so low. 

Jumping back to the original topic at hand - the ring. The ring. The engagement ring. I originally wanted something with a black diamond, but her idea of perfect is the typical - i.e. boring - white diamond ring. Why a ring? Why can't I buy her an engagement bracelet instead? Be a little unique, you know, like our love. I don't think it'll fly. But I never expected it to.

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