Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Book Hunter Returns

Three stolen bats and a baseball glove, I'm back. Sort of. This season is taking it's toll on the book hunter ladies and gents. Unfortunately, there isn't much to update you all on. A task has made itself apparent, but it's not searching for any deals on books. If anything, it's doing a little research. 

A man showed up this morning looking for some photographs the stadium may or may not have. He played on a little league team back in the day - somewhere around the early 80's  (this was before I was born, apparently). The Edinburg team - which may or may not have been called the Broncos - played against a team from Vera Cruz, Mexico. The latter team went on to be immortalize in a film released a few years ago.

I told him that I'll ask around to see if the stadium still has the alleged photos and call around to archives to see if there's anything on the books - I always wanted to say that. Not to mention search online for him. I'm hoping this works out. Hopefully, Mr. Elizondo will be of some help. Otherwise, until next time. Keep on huntin'.

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