Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thoughts on work uniforms

So I learned there would be several changes at work. Luckily, none of them affect my reading and writing. Of course, with the new team comes new players and managers I'll have to deal with. It also means - and this is the rumor - that we're getting new trainers. The last trainer was quite helpful with taming the boys, but now I'm thinking it'll just be me. I doubt the new trainers will be willing to aid me in my plight. No problem, it works for me. I've already hired my partner. I just hope he's up for the job. 

The trainers, however, a professional people. The last one was as well, but these belong with a local business. Or, again, that's how the rumor plays. Already in the early stages of the season, I'm imagining men decked out in medial scrub uniforms

Because I imagine the new trainers being in uniform, I'm beginning to ponder if I want spruce up my own "uniform." Usually, employees at the stadium have to wear a staff T and kakhi pants or shorts. Because I'm usually secluded in the clubhouses, uniforms are just a suggestion for me. In that case, I was thinking of purchasing some work shirts and pants so I don't ruin my own clothes. A part of me wants to consider dressing in scrubs because it's cooler and more comfortable than my usual get up. Thinking about checking out this link to see if I can find something that strikes my eye - I'm thinking something blue. Or black.

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