Monday, April 4, 2011

Confessions of a Book Sniffer

Favorite Pastime 
I was chatting with a Tumblr friend on Skype several nights ago. She's also a book hunter, a bibliophile. We chatted about becoming professional book thieves, freeing books from the clutches of those who don't deserve them. One victim was the James Joyce Estate. 

We also started talking about our Kindles. Like mine, hers was a Xmas present. While I see my Kindle as slightly more freeing - I can carry hundreds of books without having to literally carry hundreds of books - she sees hers as a damper. Because there's one thing that you can't do with a Kindle - smell it.

Sure, you can smell your Kindle, but it'll just smell like plastic. Whereas, when you sniff the pages of a new book or an old one, you're taking in something intoxicating. It's like what Diane Setterfield, author of The Thirteenth Tale, stated, "Opening the book, I inhaled. the smell of old books, so sharp, so dry you can taste it."

Jokingly, we came up with a solution, which I will present in the form of a letter:

Dear Amazon,
Please come up with a scent dispenser in the next generation of Amazon Kindle, which dispenses an old and/or new book fragrance. It will greatly be appreciated. And if you think it's a waste of time, just think about the money you'll be making by selling the scent tablets. 
Yours sincerely,
The Book Hunter & Book Lovers Variety, Sweet Variety

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