Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Like a Girl" by Alison Tyler

I looked for an erotic story - be it a short story, an anthology or a novel - about crossdressing for some time now. I finally found it in Alison Tyler's short story, "Like a Girl."

A bit on uneasy about spending some money on a writer I've never heard of before - even though "Like a Girl" is only a $1.49 for Amazon Kindle - I was surprised to see that a short story by Tyler was published in the BDSM collection Please, Sir. I picked up Please, Sir and read Tyler's story, "No Good Deed." That story was remarkable. So I didn't think twice when I hit purchase on Amazon and bought a copy of "Like a Girl."

Originally published in Crossdressing - which share's Please, Sir editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel - "Like a Girl" tells the story of Ivy, whose dominant boyfriend, Logan, asks her to dress like a man. However, his assistant Caleb - also in drag - outdoes her performance. It's one part erotic and one part cruel - which lends to the eroticism of the story.

Alison Tyler has the ability to tell a story that not only arouses - take that any way you want - the reader, but sucks them in, which many erotic writers these days fail to do. Rather than treating sex as pornography, Tyler treats it as an art form - no matter how deviant it comes off. Be sure to know, I will be reading more by her in the future. Much more.

Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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