Monday, April 18, 2011

I Got Books in the Mail

As none of you know this - because I'm not very vocal about my personal life on this blog - my birthday was nearly a month ago. A few weeks ago, my friend Moises decided it was time that he gave me a gift - why did he wait until the end of March/beginning of April to buy me a gift, I don't know why. Because I showed interested in Cthulhurotica, he opted to buy me that. He asked for my advice, which I never like doing. So after he joked about getting me gay zombie porn, he purchased Lovecraftian erotic collection, as well as, Immanuel's Veins, which I've also shown interest in. 

This morning, I found the packaged in my mail box and I soared. I love getting books, especially if those books are a gift from a friend. Along with these books, I received two birthday cards from him plus two envelopes of seeds - sunflowers and marigolds - from the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company as an Earth Day Gift. I don't smoke, but I do love the freebies that company gives away.

I'll get to reading them after I finish the load of books I'm currently reading - compiled of Doc, Please, Sir and Hungry for Your Love. I've also been working hard on my own writing, which - as I've said several times already - has put a damper on my reading and book hunting. 

I promise to keep up the blog for the handful of you who skim these pages. With either book reports or book news. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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