Thursday, April 7, 2011

Comfortable Writing Clothes

As I've stated earlier, the reason the blog is going so low is that not only have I ran out of means to purchase books, I've started to write again, so my reading level drops. When I usually burn through books, I'm taking my time reading one story at a time. That will have to change when I read Doc because I have to write a review of that regardless - and the sooner the better. What I'm realizing is, writing in the summer is tough. I'm a autumn/winter writer because I'm more inspired then - oddly this also coincides with my depression (which has nothing to do with the nature of this post). The reason I like writing during those seasons is because of the clothing I wear. I'm more comfortable in them. I live in a rather hot area - even hotter than your stereotype for Texas heat - so jeans and shirts don't feel all that great. I'm not much of a short man, at least not in public, so I'm either really uncomfortable or I just don't go out. 

What I'm thinking now is my need for more comfortable clothing. I've already shown a great fondness for Hawiian shirts, so I decided to look into finding pants of the same material, or something like it. viola! Scrubs. And I'm not talking about the tacky show, I'm talking about what doctors and nurses wear. Plain old scrubs - maybe blue or green scrubs - in order to remain comfortable. I know it's a little strange, but yeah.

I'm not saying that I'm going to go all out and don an entire scrub uniform - I don't want to play dress up, I just want to remain comfortable. And it's either that or buying some chinos or something. And I really don't know what chinos are, or if I'm spelling that right.

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