Friday, November 19, 2010


Took a walk today, Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library bound - that was a mouthful. It was a toss up between reading and writing at Apollo Park - or any park, actually - or trek my way down the streets of Edinburg to the library. I wound up at the latter because kids creep me out. Besides, the weather was cool and I really didn't feel like making failed attempts to read as my sinuses were sure to act up - they did, and the walk was horrible. But at least I got to see parts of the city I never see. 

Upon stumbling into the library, a young man greeted me. He was surrounded by my weakness - books! Gasping for air - from the sight of the books, not from my journey - I did my best to ignore him. I went straight for the new release shelf hoping to find George W. Bush's (true crime) memoir, Decision Points, there but it was all wishful thinking. And as if calling to me from a greater point of existence, I spot Elmore Leonard's When the Women Come Out to Dance

"I like your shirt," the young guy says to me as I pounce on my find before the lady browsing could take it from me. Nervously - why was I nervous? I haven't got a clue - I said thanks. I was - am - wearing my blue Nirvana smiley face shirt (a bad replacement for the black and yellow version of the shirt). 

Snooping around some more, I spotted Julian by Gore Vidal. Dunno why it spoke to me, but it did and I purchased it. The total price was only seventy-five cents!

I picked up the current issues of Writer's Digest and Psychology Today and flipped through them before walking around to find a good movie - with purchasing two books, I thought my book hunting at the library was over (and I made sure to keep it that way). I decided on watching a movie, considering it is Friday and all. What to pick, though? It isn't as if the library is known for its large selection of DVDs. I did happen to find a copy of a childhood favorite - Wargames, starring a young Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. The movie, FYI, is as old as I am. But what really sold me on the idea of checking out DVDs from the library was a foreign film entitled BenX. Because I'm bad at summary, here's what the case says:

Ben is a bit different. His life is full of strange rituals, and a mild form of autism prevents normal communication with others. As a result, he often seems to be living in another universe - while he is a courageous hero in the computer gaming world that consumes him, Ben is tormented by classmates and ignored by apathetic teachers in his daily life. As the bullies' relentless attacks push him over the edge and out of control, his online dreamgirl, Scarlite, steps in to help him devise a perfect plan to make them pay for their persecution. Director Nic Balthazar's dazzling debut blends fantasy and harsh social realism to bring us an utterly original and important film.

The film is about 90mins long, comes from Belgium - Flemish with English subtitles. It also includes a short film by director Ben Shelton entitled, My Name is Lisa. Running time is six minutes, and here's its description: Short mostly from the vantage point of an online computer diary, a young teenager deals with her mother's increasingly deteriorating mental state caused by Alzheimer's disease. The two films complement each other - they're both tearjerkers. However, you don't have to check out BenX - but you should - to watch My Name is Lisa. You can watch it here:

I'd say it was a good day. Now off to watch Wargames and relive my childhood. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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