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X-Men: Magneto Testament by Greg Pak & Carmine Di Giandomenico

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"Sometimes in this life, you get a moment, a time when everything lines up. When anything is possible. When suddenly you can make things happen. God help us if we take that moment. And God forgive us if we don't."

Those are the words we deserved to hear on the big screen, instead we got X-Men: First Class. Not that I'm comparing standing up against the S.S. men during the holocaust to a mediocre movie. It's nothing like that. As a fan of the X-Men franchise, I feel we deserved something better. Something that helped us understand Magneto's anger. After reading Greg Pak's story in X-Men: Magneto Testament, I say that we finally have it. However, the miniseries was overlooked. It still deserves a adaptation of its own. Maybe not for the big screen, but for the small screen. A direct-to-DVD animated film. Something to think about. 

The five-part miniseries that chronicles Max Esienhardt's life during the most horrific time in human history. From being mistreated because he was a Jew in an all Aryan school to witnessing the murder of his family to finally taking a stand against the monsters who stole his childhood away from him. Di Giandomenico's art work captures emotions - though, at some points, it's hard to decipher one character from the next, even Max's love interest, Magda, looks similar to Max. 

That aside, the story and art play off each other when it comes to the emotions. Even in the happier panels in the first chapter are dreary and dark. There is little room for happiness in this story. And the grains that we received are treasured. 

The graphic novel also includes historical notes and pointers, even adding a section to use the story as a text book. It's more than just a comic book, I should say. It allows us to see the monstrous side of humanity by using something familiar to us.

Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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