Monday, January 30, 2012

Return to Horror High

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So let's get this straight, shall we? Return to Horror High tells the tale of a movie company who is slaughtered one by one while they attempt to reenact a murder spree that happened years prior. To clarify, it's a story of a movie within a movie about a story. Oh wait, was that George Clooney? Yeah, that is George Clooney. And like most of George Clooney's early films, this movie is terrible. But in that way that it's good. You know what I mean?

The film opens at the moment the police arrive at a grisly murder scene. The only survivor is a distraught writer. It's a who-done it type of movie with a twist that is so pathetic, it's almost good.

Once again, it's a terrible movie. Bad. Godawful. It's sinful to even think this movie should be taken seriously. Still, it's filled with that campy, over-the-top B-movie horror stuff that makes things memorable - a cult following.

Return to Horror High is available on DVD at Amazon and B&N. However, I advise streaming it on Netflix or watching it on Amazon Instant Video.

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