Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skins Returns

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I should say, Skins returned. As in last week. As in, I don't know why I waited a week to write this post. Maybe I'm still digesting the series opener. We're used to this sort of thing from Skins. When Chris died, I was a little disappointed, but I accepted it. The first generation needed a segue into adulthood and what better way to give them that push than the death of a friend? When the psychopathic therapist bludgeoned Freddie, I was pissed. Was this going to be the Skins thing? Was every generation doomed from the get at the beginning of their second year?

As we saw with episode one, Gracie's departure - though not dead - didn't wait for the second to the last episode. But it does create the much needed rift for all the characters to face in their last year. 

We are let down, however. Franky is much more feminine this time around. Her relationship with Matty is on the rocks after a road trip. She's hungry for attention from someone else. Mini's girl crush on Franky may or may not have evaporated, but her boinking Alo makes the group a bit incestuous.

If the first episode is any indication for the rest of the series, the fatal blow may not come to us as a shock. If anything, the greatest twist the writers can deliver is sending off the entire cast happily into the future.

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