Monday, January 30, 2012

It Came from My Mailbox

If you haven't kept up, I started working at the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library late last year. Earlier this month, I was told that we're partaking in an international book discussion and the novel selected is Brian Selznick's Wonderstruck. Not to judge a book by it's weight, but was this supposed to be a brick? It almost makes me wonder why Selznick is anti e-book (Google Brian Selznick and e-book and read whatever results come up). You know, besides the fact that a 600+ hard copy novel might make more money than a 600+ e-book. (I vaguely remember reading how books are priced by paper, but I'm sure this was indie publishing, not publishing house.)

And the price of this book? One cent off the $30 mark. Pretty expensive for a person working a part-time job who's also expecting his first born in a matter months, saving every bit of his money for a car, a place to live, a diamond engagement ring, an iPhone, a camcorder, college, the GRE test, etc., etc., etc. I'm glad that I found a copy on eBay for only $16 - a $14 dollar discount! - thank goodness for free shipping.

Still, this book is quite heavy - I'm a 28-year-old man and this book will probably snap my back in half (but I do carry a considerable amount of weight in my pack), so I can only imagine how a fifth grader feels lugging this around. Seriously, Selznick! E-book this sucker!

Of course, the book is beautifully illustrated and an e-book would take away from it (as the illustrations are two page in length). Still, Selznick, a guy can't always afford a beautifully illustrated copy of your novels.

Purchase Wonderstruck on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Or pick up the Caldecott Medal winning, The Invention of Hugo Cabret at Amazon for only $14.99.

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