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"They did it backwards," I commented the moment Laura Linney and Topher Grace started having sex on the couch. "He's supposed to be accepted then they have sex." Jyg picked the film - we narrowed our choices down to Babel, Kissing Jessica Stein, and P.S. "What's P.S. about?" Jyg asked. "Something about a college professor or something who starts a relationship with her student." Only that was an over simplification of the film. In fact, it landed to the left of the nail.

Laura Linney plays divorcee Louise. She's an admission's officer for the Columbia University School of Arts. Her only friend is Peter, her ex-husband, who, later, admits he's a recovery sex addict. Her life is routine, nearly. She's dangerous close to becoming the epitome of old maid. After sending off several letters to potential applicants, she finds one - perhaps overlooked earlier - and the name sends a wave through her. F. Scott Feinstadt, who may or may not be the reincarnation of her teenager lover, but is still a dead ringer for him.

Jyg was left unimpressed by the film. My take was a little better. It's more than I expected - I was expecting a film about a woman suffering through a mid life crisis who attempts to regain her youth by seducing a younger lover. Instead, I received a depressing tale of a woman attempting to garner a second chance with a dead lover - without it getting gross or awkward, anyway. A story of addiction and inability to let go of the past. 

While I still hold my skepticism about taking Topher Grace seriously - let's face it, he'll always be Eric Foreman - the film was decent and worth the watch.

Until next time, keep on huntin'.

P.S. is available on DVD at Amazon and for streaming on Netflix.

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