Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The beginning of the end

It's a misleading title I've chosen, considering the first book would've been the beginning of the end. All things considered, the Age of Apocalypse started at the height - when things were getting ready to fall apart. 

But book three is the rising of the climax. And thus far in the series, it's the been the most interesting, page-turning, on the-seat's-edge collection. Housing X-Calibre #2-3, Astonishing X-Men #2-4, Generation Next 2-3, X-Man #2-3, Factor X #3, Amazing X-Men #3, Weapon X #3, Gambit & The X-Ternals #3 and X-Universe #1, it brings to light the battle that's looming upon Apocalypse's doorstep - not to mention the one he dropped on the High Human Council and the X-Men. 

The theme is choice, of course. Isn't that the most case with these superhero graphic novels? How the choices we make affect the outcome of a series of events? We're asked to what degree would we allowed to stay human when the power is given in our hands? What would we sacrifice in order to save a loved one? What are we willing to give up in order to make a difference in this world and in the lives of the people we love? How much farther are we willing to go? And are we willing to die for what we believe in, for what we believe is right? For a dream?

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