Friday, March 5, 2010

Switching providers

Remember when analog TV was killed by the digital TV movement? How the government decided to finally hack it to death by telling us all we had to get those digital converter boxes in order to watch TV. Well, a certain cable company promised it would take of things for us customers. That was about a year or so ago, wasn't it? The other day, I woke up to learn that three of my cable channels are gone because we don't have a digital converter box because a certain cable company went against its word. Not to mention, they're still charging the same price for channels we can no longer view unless we upgrade or buy a box. So here's my pickle: I'm tired of being screwed over by a certain cable company. So I did what any average joe would do: I jumped on line and started searching for deals with Direct TV. That's where I stumbled upon a website that offered some awesome deals with Direct TV.

I'm tired of being hassled by a certain cable provider - whose commercials always promise me better deals than Direct TV but then turn around and steal my channels, all the while charging me the same price - actually more - for my package. So, so I drop the cable provider for DirecTV? I'm beginning to think this is the best thought I've had in the early months of this year. It's time for a change.

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