Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shamelessly plugging a buddy of mine’s bookstore.

There’s one thing you need to survive as a book hunter and that’s making a deal. If you’re like me, you’re always low on cash because evey time you see a gem, you just have to own it. I have over half a thousand books scattered around this house and the number’s growing each passing month - insane, I know. I should get help, I know.

When you live in deep South Texas like I do, you know that there’s only one bookstore - two branches - that has us by the stronghold. While Barnes & Noble is the place to stop if you’re not in the mood of waiting for a cheap used copy to come your way, it’s not the sort of place you wanna buy more than two books at a time. We just can survive that way.

Now because Hastings closed in McAllen last month - shed your tears, I know it’s fucking sad - Barnes & Noble owns South Texas…with the new books. Used bookstores have been popping up everywhere. One of them is located inside of an awesome thrift store.
So Valley-ites, why should you shop at Your Bargain Bookstore? Well it’s simple:
  • reasonable prices
  • nice selection ranging in all genres
  • located inside an awesome thrift store, so if books isn’t your hunting partner’s thing, they can look around while you hunt
  • you’re a college student - perhaps even an English major - who’s taking a literature course and don’t want to pay a butt load of money to procure the required reading
That’s not enough? Seriously? How about this, some of the books I’ve bought from there were as low as $.50! I’m talking about best sellers here, not obscure writers or crappy romance - don’t even think they have a romance section - leave that to the other bookstore.

But seriously, if you’re in the McAllen area and you’re looking for some deals, head over to Georgia’s Thrift Shop and venture into the the book section. Awesome selection, awesome prices and if they don’t have what you’re looking for, there’s a little box where you can drop in a request. I just message the guy on Facebook, but, yeah, I know him. It’s located on Pecan, about a block or two away from 10th. Can’t miss it. It’s a yellow house with a yellow sign.

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