Monday, March 15, 2010

"It takes a zombie to do what I've come for."

I'm going to be honest with you - I've never finished reading the original J. O'Barr's The Crow, nor any other series based on his mythos. I've read the first part, though. A buddy of mine gave - or lent  - me a copy when we were in high school. It wasn't the complete first series, just a part of it, maybe the first two issues or something. I was in love with the movies, but never read the graphic novels that inspired them. So I wanted my first time with an actual series to be a unique one, which is why I decided to read Flesh & Blood first. The fact that it was also the cheapest also added to its pro list. 

But I always wanted to read Flesh & Blood, since I first heard about it when I saw the first issue in the plastic protector at Myth Adventures - a local comic book store. And it was for the same reason I saw it as an unique experience: It features the first female Crow. 

Iris Shaw is murdered in an explosion by a right-wing militia group and finds herself alive through supernatural occurrences. A crow is her spirit guide as she avenges not only her death, but that of her unborn child. 

Like all - I'm working on assumptions here - Crows before and after Iris, her death is untimely and tragic, purely violent. Told in three chapters (issues), Iris takes down each of those responsible for her death, building up for the climax of taking down the man in charge, Ray Henderson. 

While it doesn't contain the art of J. O'Barr - let's face it, I wouldn't want to read it if the writer and artist attempted to mimic O'Barr - the story is canon for anyone who is a fan of The Crow. It's a must read, a must own. While Amazon doesn't have any copies in stock, sellers are selling them for cheap. Buy one for yourself, will you? You won't be disappointed. 

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