Thursday, February 11, 2010

Library book find


As usual, I wasn't out book hunting last night. I was at the library for the reading. But after talking with Anne Estevis for a bit, I got up and walked toward the book sale shelf and looked at some spines. Found a couple that caught my eye, but nothing that drew me in. That was until I saw Kinky Friedman's Kill Two Birds & Get Stoned

I had the opportunity to meet him a few years back when he was running for governor of Texas. Anne and I both agreed that the man's a little crazy, a little strange. Which is probably why he is so damned likable. The book was only a dollar. 

After showing off my find to Anne, she said that one of the many reasons it probably found life on the cart was probably because in its years of release, no one probably picked up the book. "Why leave it to collect dust?" she added. Why of course. Well, Kinky Friedman's novel has found a home on my shelf. 

Until next time, happy huntin'.

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