Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chocolate lovers theme

We weren't exactly the motley crew I was expecting, but we were all in attendance even if some of us (El Senor) didn't read. Richard Sanchez, as always, proved a better MC that I'll ever be. The night's theme was Chocolate Lovers, which was completely obvious by the oddles of chocolate candy thrown about - no complaints here, people.

The Texas Rio Writers, led by author Jan Seale, I believe, was also in attendance. They presented and read from their recently published anthology, Valleysong. They included Richard Sanchez, Siân Taylor Gonzalez - the one with the British accent - Jim Evins - who read from his collection of essays, A Happy Man - Ann Greenfield, Olga Valle-Herr and Jan Seale herself. Also in attendance and a part of the anthology, was Dr. Anne Estevis - a dear friend of mine and retired educator (though, as I've seen, one never truly retires from education). I had Anne's book, Down Garrapata Road, in my bag - the copy belonging to my mother who wanted Anne to sign it. Amado Balderas, another good friend of mine, also made an appearance and, as they say, was our the-best-is-saved-for-last reader.

Several other writers were in attendance and read. The night started off with the young writers of the Valley, which included Anne Estevis's granddaughter, Richard Sanchez's son and one little girl whose name escapes me. I read my short story, "12 Notes to my 12-Year-Old Self," which details an awkward period of my life and the receiving of my first love letter from a secret admirer.

All in all, it was a great night of reading, amour, humor and experience. For me, these readings aren't just a gathering of friends. They are a family reunion.

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