Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

I trekked down the street yesterday, lungs filled with mucus and chest cramping up. The cold air blew my coat opened. The sun was hot, but the air was cold. This confused my already sick body. But still, I had to trek on.

In the Valley, we have a handful of writers that actually get published by presses like Arte Publico, but there isn't any venue where you can go and buy their books. Save, the Museum of South Texas History's gift shop. It's not so far from where I live. A walk, no less. But I'm sick and moving isn't the best thing for me at the moment.

Couple that with sinus issues I have on windy days, I'm in a living hell. But I know I have to make to the gift shop and back before it's three because the book I'm buying is Chicken Foot Farm by Anne Estevis - a friend of mine - and is going to be a gift for my mother, whose birthday is today.

I'm going to be honest - aside from what was included in Valleysong, I've never read anything by Anne. I've heard several of her stories as she read them at different readings we've hand. Most notably, in this book, however, is a story that brought my mother to tears. This was the reason why I chose to buy this book for her. She's already working on it, while I'm looking for the next book to read.

Until then, happy huntin'.

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