Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tunes You Should Ignore

Somewhere there's a high school version of the Book Hunter cringing to the verge of tears as the present me listens to The Path of Totality, the latest from the Korn. The first sign that something was south of wrong: Skrillex is featured in three tracts.

It seems that the nu metal band has infused two music genres that were best left in the grave. Combining dubstep and bag pipes, what were you thinking Jon Davis? There something sacrilegious about the idea. Still, Korn attempts to keep their street cred by transitioning into the latest and greatest fad - didn't they start rapping when rap core was at its peak? Still, Korn has always mixed funk with their music - rapping was just the next step. What we have with this album is pure bred selling out. 

They hope to pull in the current generation of disenfranchised youth with the same old boring, unimaginative lyrics and hooks - no one understands you? wow. you must be deep. 

Maybe it's time to retire, boys. Or find Jesus like former band mates have. 

As for listeners, it's better if you stick to their albums prior Brian "Head" Welch dropped out. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

Check it out for yourself:

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