Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dexter Caught

Surely, I could not have been the only one who shouted, "Well, it's about time!" the last few seconds of Sunday's season finale of Dexter. After six seasons, Debora finally learns Dexter's dark secret. Just as he ended Travis Marshall reign, his sister walks in to witness everything. Hopefully, that puts a stop to the semi-incestuous feeling that was bloomed late in the season. Still, I also hope to learn the secrets behind our newest buddy, the intern named Louis. What's his obsession with Dexter Morgan? Does he know our avenging angel's secret? And does the prosthetic symbolized a connection to Brian, or was it just convenient? Most of all, will he be the last person on Dexter's table, or will our hero be his first? So many things left opened for next season, I can't wait until next year.

Of course, the season opened with a good start. The season twist, however, wasn't that much of a twist. Most of the viewers had guessed it early on. I even said it after watching the first episode. The Debora in love with Dexter subplot, I can live without. I don't know why that was even used as a tool. Perhaps her love for him as something more a brother will lead her to not turn him in? Of course, this will prove Doakes's innocence - yeah, I almost forgot he was labeled as the Bay Harbor Butcher. The introduction of Brother Sam played well to contrast with the Doomsday Killer's beliefs. Though, I think Dexter learned nothing from it. Except solidify his belief that there is no good in him. I liked Mos Def, though - he's still Mos Def to me, despite his idiotic name change - it was a little disappointing that he was killed off. Sure, he did help Dexter a tiny bit, but his role could've been stronger. Maybe as a friend who doesn't try to screw Dexter over. 

All in all, the season was better than last years. Don't get me wrong, I loved Lumen and all that she did for Dexter to move on after Rita, but it pales in comparison. Hopefully next season will be the last, though. I can't see how they can drag this beast out any longer. Let's face it, nothing has really compared to season four's finale. Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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