Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dancing with the Stars

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

My husband is obsessed with Dancing with the Stars that he started watching after we signed up for expertsatellite. He even records it in case he misses it. I mean this guy is a former football player who has never danced a step in his whole life. If it had been my idea to start watching that show, I am sure he would have dismissed the idea right off the bat. But no, he found that little show himself and will not miss an episode if he can help it. This has all been a mystery to me how that show has sucked him in. When my son is home, he still turns it on. Then my son will look at me like “Is he alright?” I just roll my eyes and sit down and watch it with him. If he happens to not be home when it comes on, he just watches the recording the next morning while he is eating his breakfast. I mean seriously while he is eating breakfast. I am pretty sure I do not want to watch that before I go to work. But somehow that just works for him.

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