Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Misguided Hero

It's hard not to recall the line from The Dark Knight in which pre-Two Face Harvey Dent states, "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain," while reading Son of M. Being a continuation of House of M, Son picks up by introducing us to Pietro Maximoff - son of Magento, brother of the Scarlet Witch, former hero by the name of Quicksilver. Having not read House, I knew enough not to lose myself in the story line. (Spoiler Alert: House ends with the Scarlet Witch uttering the magic words, "No more mutants," thus causing several mutants throughout the world to lose their abilities and become, well, human.)

Attempting to get through life as a human, Pietro encounters Spider-Man, who is also suffering from a loss due to Pietro and Wanda's (Scarlet Witch) meddling with the world around them. In an attempt to kill himself for causing so much strife to the world, Pietro injures himself severely but not before contacting wife - an inhuman - Crystal, who transports him Attilan to cure him. At Attilan, Pietro concocts a plan to obtain the terrigen mists in order to regain his mutant powers. When denied, Pietro is left with the moral decision to go against the counsel. But if he can obtain his powers again by going through terrigenesis, what's to say other former mutants couldn't do the same thing. Of course, all things come with great consequences - some of which even Pietro cannot change.

I guess having to follow The Crow is a tough act for any graphic novel. Or maybe it's because I haven't read House of M that I failed to thoroughly appreciate this work. I did like the tone of the story and decisions left in the hands of those who think they are doing good. Misguided heroes, I suppose, are the best. Because even though they are actually the antagonist in their world, they perceive themselves to be aiding humanity - or in this case, the mutant world. They suffer the consequences and either change for the better, or - in Two Face's case in The Dark Knight - become part of the greater problem - the villain. 

I never thought much of Pietro Maximoff in the past. He wasn't one of the most notable characters in the X-Men world, at least not for me. However, it wouldn't hurt fellow followers of the mythos to have this graphic novel on their book shelves. 

Until next time, keep on huntin'.

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